Microcline Projects

Microcline Projects is a small independent software development lab. We started in 2020 operating out of the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia working on various software projects.

If you'd like to give us a shout feel free to contact us at We are not currently hiring or seeking additional projects.

Our work

Labosaurus is both a LIMS and a QMS. It was created with the goal to provide a wide range of features for small to medium sized labs at a reasonable price. Labosaurus provides modules for employee records, SOPs, sample management, equipment inventory, reagent inventory, incident reports, and task management. It also includes an API so that software developers can integrate its functionality into their current LIMS systems. Labosaurus was shut down in April 2024 due to a lack of interest.

Microcline BioSeq lab is a free tool that lets users align nucleotide and amino acid sequences from their browser. Alignment parameters can be customized as needed, and the software has an option to align to the reverse complement if a sequence has a higher alignment score. Alignments are done with the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm with Gotoh's Affine Penalty optimizations.

Microcline Chromatogram Viewer is a free tool that lets users view their ABI or SCF chromatogram files. It also lets a user extract some of the internal file fields that aren't always visible from other tools. The files are all processed in javascript so that no files are uploaded to us and the web tool itself can be saved locally for offline use.

Microcline Label Maker is a free web application that simplifies your label printing process. Easily print adhesive labels for product IDs, barcodes, asset numbers, inventory tags, sample identifiers, and more onto adhesive label sheets. Customize measurements, margins, rows, and columns to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need to print Code 39 or Code 39 extended barcode fonts, QR codes, or plain text, the Microcline Label Maker offers flexibility and precision at no cost. Additionally, you can save and share your settings for added convenience.